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Adult Comprehensive Eye Exam:

Your annual eye exam plays a vital role in your healthcare management. Early diagnosis of diabetes and hypertension are now possible and can be confirmed by retinal photography and other diagnostic tests available at our office.


Comprehensive Ocular Evaluations: 

  • Detailed case history

  • Visual acuity

  • Pupil evaluation, when necessary

  • Extraocular motility function 

  • Color vision testing

  • Examination of Peripheral visual field 

  • Analysis of the accommodative and binocular visual system

  • Retinoscopy and refraction 

  • Examination of the external ocular adnexa with the use of biomicroscopy

  • Intraocular pressure measurement 

  • Examination of the health of the internal ocular media and fundus with the use of diagnostic pharmaceutical agents, biomicroscopy, and ophthalmoscopy 

Additional tests may be performed when indicated by case history or objective signs and symptoms noted during the eye examination. These tests may include, but are not limited to, exophthalmometry, keratometry, gonioscopy, Amsler grid testing, ultrasonography, and corneal topography. 

Results of comprehensive ocular evaluations will be analyzed and interpreted and corrective lenses prescribed for refractive errors when necessary. 


Contact Lenses:

  •   Evaluation, fit and prescription of contact lenses

  • Appropriate follow-up care 

  • Instruction on proper contact lens care and usage

The contact lens evaluation encompasses the full range of contact lenses, both cosmetic and therapeutic including spherical and toric hydrophilic lenses, rigid gas permeable lenses, keratoconic, pediatric aphakic, adult aphakic, aniridic, anisometropic, and bandage contact lenses. 




Types of Payments Accepted: We accept cash, personal checks, ATM, American Express, MasterCard Visa and Discover. 

Insurance Plans we participate with: Aetna, Blue Cross – Blue Shield, Cigna, Eyemed, Medical Eye Services, Medicare, MetLife, Spectera, PMI / Delta Vision, Safeguard, United Health Care, Vision Service Plan, Superior Vision, CARE CREDIT, NVA, and VPA. 

Use your annual Flex Spending Account

Languages Spoken: Our staff speaks English and Spanish 

Facilities and Equipment: On-Site laboratory for all your eyewear needs, state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment


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